I started my entrepreneurial journey 4 years ago for extra grocery money, and it ended up completely changing my life. I was a full-time student, full-time bartender, full-time intern (altogether putting in over 100 hours a week). I was so burnt out, and I couldn't imagine waiting 65+ years to actually live life (I wanted to experience life on my on terms), I wanted to be in charge of what I did every day, not be capped by a salary, I needed to earn more money so I wasn't living week to week anymore and most importantly TIME and FINANCIAL FLEXIBILITY.

My story is probably similar to yours.

from bartender to haircare specialist

Let me tell you though, I was not an influencer or even an entrepreneur before.

I did not start with thousands of Instagram followers (had ZERO on TikTok and less than 300 on IG). I did not have any experience in "selling" products or industry in general. I did NOT have any free time. I was nervous, SO skeptical, and unsure... but I had BIG dreams and I saw a vehicle that could change my life.

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So I put in the work for my dreams, and today I boldly share this opportunity because of what it's done for myself & my family.

I’ve helped thousands build a successful part-time and full-time business, so why not you?

When you join with me you will also learn how to...

lead, inspire, help and impact others

develop an abundance mindset

and so much more (please note these trainings come for free with your product pack purchase... trainings people pay THOUSANDS for)

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make an income from social media

brand yourself + social media tips + tricks

educate and serve your audience

“Abbey may not know it, but she has changed my life.”

When it comes to being a mentor, the lengths that she goes to for her team and others in this business are unlike anything I've seen.

emily hainsworth

“Abbey has a huge heart and that's part of the reason I joined her team.”

Understanding and passionate - she is hands down the best of the best. 20/10 recommend as your mentor if you're thinking about joining the business.

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