Hi, I'm Abbey.

from bartender to haircare specialist

I love to empower and inspire others to step into their purpose.

Hi, I'm Abbey! I am so glad you found my corner of the internet. I am a fiance, dog momma to two beautiful huskies, working on healing my body holistically, and have been an entrepreneur for 4+ years. I had started with ZERO experience and now have a global organization of thousands, and have become an award-winning entrepreneur

I didn't always have this mane of hair to throw around on TikTok.  My hair was thin, brittle, and would fall flat only hours after styling.  It wasn't until I realized that to heal my hair, I needed to start with the source: my scalp health.  Now, I lead thousands of women to healthier hair and mentor others that want to do the same.

I fell in the love with the products, then I fell in love with helping others.