Haircare should never be a one size fits all. I have been working 1:1 with clients for the last four years to get down to the root and solve their hair and scalp issues through customized products that are all naturally-based, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free.

9,000 hours of research on the scalp and hair health

USTI® Licensed Trichology Hair Loss and Scalp Specialist

American Medical Certification Association Hair Loss Specialist Certified

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the magic oil.

The one product I recommend to every consultation client.

Use once a week to create the optimal environment for scalp health and ultimate healthy hair growth. There are 101 uses for it and it actually mimics your bodies natural oil production and helps with dryness AND oiliness, to help balance out your scalp and your scalps health! Only oil on the market with the molecular structure to heal the hair from the inside out!

(PSA: it will not make you oily or more oily- it actually helps with oil control as well as soothing the scalp).

A bottle should last you 4-6 months + you will receive a FREE travel size product. 

this oil is not authorized to be sold on third party websites (aka amazon…99% chance it's fake or expired and WILL NOT do the same thing

Rejuveniqe Oil is the missing piece to your haircare routine - i promise.

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from bartender to haircare specialist

I fell in the love with the products, then I fell in love with helping others.

I didn't always have this mane of hair to throw around on TikTok.  My hair was thin, brittle, and would fall flat only hours after styling.  It wasn't until I realized that to heal my hair, I needed to start with the source: my scalp health.  Now, I lead thousands of women to healthier hair and mentor others that want to do the same.

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“They did exactly what she said they would.”

The products strengthened my hair and make it overall more healthy than it ever has been. Abbey is wonderful!

kelsey fann

“My hair feels fantastic, it's only been about a month”

I've never felt any products like this before... Abbey has been extremely interactive with me & has answered all my questions.

Carson Brubaker

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Now, I share it all across my social media accounts, teaching millions.

TIktok has been an absolute whirlwind for me and I have so much fun sharing my knowledge of all things hair and scalp care.  Come and follow along and see all the tips and tricks I share with millions of people who are ready to improve their hair.

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